Concert photos!

So last night was my concert! I played bass guitar as a part of my school band and we played our own rendition of Florence and The Machine’s “Shake It Out”. It really fun but also super tiring- I didn’t get home from school until 9 p.m. yesterday!

pictures and stuff after the break.

yippee you clicked read more thank you for being interested in my life

k so this is one of the whole band (kind of bad quality but i got my sister to take it from the audience so what can you expect). from left to right: our singer’s leg, our flautist, trumpet player, ME! , our beat boxer and our acoustic guitarist’s arm. We also have a pianist, electric organ and two electric guitarists, but they wouldn’t fit in the picture.


we had a huge sign on the board behind us that said ‘Big Band’ with me sitting right underneath it and we looked super awesome (imo).

k so here’s a zoomed-in one of my face 


you can also see a bit of the trumpet player (who kept standing really close to me when we played it was honestly quite annoying) and my music teacher/conductor waving his arms around like a madman down in the front. We’re wearing sunglasses as our deputy head told us it would look ‘cool’ if we did, though i don’t know if we really pulled that off.

during the performance i would jig around and kind of dance as i played, and the people who came to see me told me i looked like i was the only one that was enjoying it! my friends compared me to john deacon, the bassist from Queen:


idk i’m not quite ready for the spinning around on stage thing yet but either way look at that swag

overall, i’m really happy with how the show went. We did two performances during the evening, and my mum, sister and nan came to see me for the second one, as well as my two best friends, and performing to them was really exciting! i could feel my heart beating hard during that show! i’m also really thankful that you guys, my followers, were interested enough in me to want to see photographs. you’re lovely people, so thank you! xxx

-Amber x

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