Another K-On! Fan Blog has officially reached (and passed) 2000 followers! I cannot believe this little thing I started 9 months ago to post K-On! pictures has blown up like this. Thank you to all who follow for your daily dose of moe! And as a thank you to all the followers, the proprietor of this blog will be giving away some cool K-On! stuff!

The prizes:
1) A full set of five SQ K-On! figurines (pictured above)
2) All four volumes of the K-On! manga plus the K-On! High School and K-On! College manga - six volumes in total, plus a pack of K-On! trading cards, so you’ll always have a bookmark!
3) The Beatles parody Houkago Tea Time T-shirt, a replica of the HTT shirt from the show and a K-On T-shirt in your choice of color (this prize will be ordered after the giveaway in the sizes of the winner’s choosing)

The rules:
-Reblog to enter. Reblog as many times as you’d like, but be considerate to you followers. No giveaway blogs.
-Must be following this blog and mod blog awesomewillv1 to win! This will be checked at the time of the drawing.
-The contest ends on August 7, 2014, at which time three winners will be chosen at random.
-Please make sure your ask box is open!

Good luck, and thank you all so much for being one of the 2000+ followers!

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